What Are The Educational Requirements for a Forester Alabama

Technician Measuring Tree

Technician Measuring Tree

Consulting Foresters can be used to manage your forest and represent you in all forestry matters, or they can assist your forestry projects.  They can provide expert advice, as well as execute projects in your forest.  Consultants frequently assist during timber sales, since mistakes there can have a devastating affect on your forest’s future health and present and future income from your forestland investment.

According to the Alabama State Board Of Registration for Foresters the educational requirements are:

  1. Hold a bachelors or higher degree from a school approved by the board or accredited by the Society of American Foresters in a forestry curriculum accepted by the board.
  2. A registered forester will be required to have annually completed 10 hours of acceptable continuing education which can be taken during the two-year period.
  3. In Alabama, licensing is not required for technicians; however, those who do want to advance their careers as a forester do require a professional license, which can be obtained through the Alabama State Board for Registered Foresters after completion of a Bachelor of Science degree.
  4. To become a Chartered Forester or Chartered Arboriculturist, you need a degree level qualification along with work experience. All degrees are awarded four points, ICF-accredited forestry and arboricultural courses score a higher number of points.

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