What Does An ACF Consulting Forester Do?

Consulting Foresters can be used to manage your forest and represent you in all forestry matters, or they can assist your forestry projects.  They can provide expert advice, as well as execute projects in your forest.  Consultants frequently assist during timber sales, since mistakes there can have a devastating affect on your forest’s future health and present and future income from your forestland investment.

What Does an ACF Forester do?What Does a Forester Do?

Unless you are a professional forester who happens to own your own Tree Farm, there are at least three occasions when you would benefit from hiring a consulting forester:

  • when you plant trees,
  • when you thin trees,
  • when you harvest trees.

The professional forestry assistance a landowner receives from a consulting forester will frequently pay for itself by increasing financial returns and other benefits from their forest land.

A timber harvest generates more income when a consulting forester assists with the marketing of the timber. A consulting forester can provide detailed recommendations to help insure that the residual forest conditions are in line with the owner’s objectives. A consulting forester can provide an appropriate sale contract and sale administration. During the timber harvest, the forester can periodically inspect the logging for contract compliance. This is a critical step in managing your forestland. Once the wrong trees are cut, it can take many years to recover.

These canons formulate the guiding principles of professional conduct for ACF Consulting Foresters in their relations with each other, their employers, the public and with other foresters.